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Ahh, the sun! It’s energizing and exciting. Sunflowers give off the same vibe and bring a smile to my face. So why not add some of either or both to your home this summer? Here are a few accessories that are sure to inspire you and uplift your mood for the season! — Clarissa Nassar from The...
My Houzz: Serene Simplicity in Brooklyn
Corynne Pless | July 26, 2014 5
Sean Tice and Kristy Hadeka, cofounders of the Brooklyn Slate Company, have a knack for seeing design potential. Their 800-square-foot apartment in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn had multicolored walls...
You Said It: ‘It Was a Symbolic Gesture to Myself’ and More Quotables
Becky Harris | July 25, 2014
This week on Houzz, there was a strong theme of inventiveness, of people whose personal passions guided them in designing their homes and their lifestyles. This has resulted in some delightfully unusual homes. We peeked into a...
5 Prairie Wildflowers That Can Heal Your Soil
Benjamin Vogt | July 25, 2014 5
In the middle of summer I walk the garden in search of serendipity: a small spider web delicately laced between fragile flowers, a never-before-seen...
Turquoise Dreams and Beachy Things
Becky Dietrich | July 25, 2014 21
I fell quite unexpectedly in love with turquoise one August day on the pristine white sands of a gorgeous Samoan lagoon. I was lounging in the enervating, sultry heat, watching my grandchildren gambol in the surf, when the shifting hues of the turquoise...
Kitchen of the Week: Period Details Keep History Alive in Portland
Becky Harris | July 25, 2014 25
The floor of this Portland, Oregon, kitchen was covered in carpet, and at some point, it had been dyed burgundy. The room felt cramped and cut off from the rest of the circa-1910 foursquare house. But by paying close attention to the original details...
My Houzz: New Life and Style for a 1976 Airstream
Lucy Call | July 25, 2014 25
Jordan Menzel went out for a bike ride around downtown Salt Lake City, Utah, one afternoon and saw an Airstream trailer parked on the side of the road. “A few days later, I was combing Craigslist and saw it was for sale,” he says. “While I hadn’t...
Guest Picks: Flash a Little Neon
Sheila Zeller | July 25, 2014 3
Neon is definitely here again, but don’t cringe. Take a second look at this throwback to the ’80s and embrace the fresh, fun side of the vibrant colors. Place your neon pieces against neutrals, like white, to really let your neon zing. — Sheila...
Eye-Catching Centerpieces Beyond Flowers and Fruit
Catherine Funkhouser | July 25, 2014 17
Fruit and flowers are centerpiece classics, but chances are, your pleasing arrangement could sit on your neighbor’s table and look equally at home. Want something a little different? Look to your dining room decor for inspiration,...
Houzz Tour: Meet a Home Made With Minivan Parts
Becky Harris | July 24, 2014 24
I’m not sure if Lee Iacocca sent him, but architect Karl Wanaselja spent countless hours searching car junkyards for America’s best-selling Dodge Caravan minivan. Fascinated by finding ways to use junked car parts in architectural designs for more...
How to Avoid Paying Too Much for a House
Christine Tusher | July 24, 2014 24
The postrecession real estate market can be a confusing market to buy a house in — especially if it’s your first one. In some regions low inventory has provoked heated bidding wars reminiscent of the heady days of the mid-2000s. In others the...
Know Your Sofa Options: Arms, Cushions, Backs and Bases
Mike Dietrich | July 24, 2014 13
You’ve decided it’s time for a new sofa, and so off you go to the furniture store, only to be confronted by a confounding array of choices. You probably knew there would be lots of fabrics to choose from, but perhaps you didn’t realize there would...
My Houzz: Cool, Creative Midcentury Style
Kimberley Bryan | July 24, 2014 18
“Our home is a personal extension of how we appreciate art,” says Jose Gomez. “The whole thing is one big art project.” Jose and his wife, Danielle, are founders and owners of the creative production company Shilo....
The Secret to the Perfect Throw Blanket: Watch Your Tone
Christine Tusher | July 24, 2014 8
I like to think of the throw as an adult security blanket. Whether we’re a teeny bit cold or just trying to get cozy, there’s something about curling up with a snuggly-soft throw blanket that makes us feel safe and secure. The neat trick of...
Finding the Perfect Home for a New House
Falon Mihalic | July 24, 2014 12
There are many things to consider when embarking on the construction of a new home. Great featured ideabooks abound on Houzz containing tips and useful information about building a new home. This ideabook presents advice from the point of view of the...