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Becky Harris
December 18, 2014
Interior designer Jules Duffy had a running start when it came to decorating this northern New Jersey home. “This is such a beautiful home,” she says. “The proportions of the rooms are absolutely perfect.” Not only that, but the previous owners had recently finished an extensive renovation that was so good, she...
Experience the Holidays at Frank Lloyd Wright's Home and Studio
Cynthia Lynn | December 18, 2014 49
Every holiday season the Oak Park, Illinois, home of Frank Lloyd Wright is decorated as it would have been in the early 20th century. Led by "junior...
6 Rockin’ Red Plants for Winter Gardens
Charlotte Albers | December 18, 2014 22
With a little planning, it’s possible to have bold, beautiful red in the garden year-round. What a difference color makes during the colder months, when there’s little to catch the eye. If you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to bring more pizzazz...
Shop Houzz: Gifts for Book Lovers
Houzz | December 18, 2014
Wondering what to get the readers on your list? Start here with our hand-picked collection of eye-catching bookends, hefty coffee table books and reading nook essentials from the Houzz Shop. You’ll find something to please every bookworm on your list....
My Houzz: Midcentury Meets Vintage in the Mission
Nanette Wong | December 18, 2014 4
Moving from separate homes to a shared apartment and blending furniture and accessories may be difficult for some couples, but for Jesse Hayes, a graphic designer, and Kate...
New Sophistication for a Connecticut Bachelor Pad
Jeannie Matteucci | December 18, 2014 7
For his first home, Tom Thulin wanted what most people want: a place where he could relax and unwind. The busy 38-year-old bachelor and owner of a large distributor of baseball equipment chose a three-bedroom, three-level contemporary home built in the...
Gift Wrap Ideas That Add a Personal Touch
Amanda O'Sullivan | December 18, 2014 12
Have you ever received a gift so beautifully wrapped that you didn’t open it right away, but let it sit unopened so you could admire it a little longer? There is something heart warming about receiving a gift that has been wrapped creatively with extra...
Great Design Plant: Simmondsia Chinensis
Noelle Johnson | December 17, 2014 4
This Southwestern native shrub is a great choice for those who want a low-maintenance desert plant that looks good growing next to cacti or flowering perennials and can even function as an informal hedge. Jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis) is known...
Creative Ideas for Space-Saving Bedside Lighting
Yanic Simard | December 17, 2014 14
When it comes to the bedroom, a lot of thought usually goes into choosing the perfect nightstand. So it always surprises me when homeowners then proceed to...
Houzz Tour: Wisteria and Light in the French Countryside
Fabienne Dupuis | December 17, 2014 19
This weekend retreat nestled in a hamlet near Versailles, France, was originally a 16th-century presbytery, or clergyman’s home. The owners called upon interior decorator Catherine Sandin to decorate their new country home in light and natural tones....
Shop Houzz: Fly High With Classic Aviation Style
Houzz | December 17, 2014
Airplanes have been flying through the skies for more than a century, ever since the Wright brothers took their first flight on December 17, 1903. We’ve been fascinated with soaring in sleek airplanes ever since — even when delays make air travel...
Light Up Winter With DIY Scented Soy Candles
Cate Holst | December 17, 2014 4
Do you appreciate a handmade gift over a store-bought item? I do. It takes time, energy and thought to tailor a gift to a recipient’s personality. And the perfect handmade gift, for yourself and others, is these scented soy candles.
Surviving the Christmas Countdown: A Parent's Guide
Alison Hodgson | December 17, 2014 35
Well, it’s almost Christmas. How’s it going? If you tried to answer that and found you could produce only a strange clicking sound and not actual words, I understand and hear you loud and clear. Back...
Houzz Tour: Limits Bring Out the Best in a Modern Lakeside Home
Nora Burba Trulsson | December 17, 2014 24
Karen and Grant Richards bought a 5-acre parcel of land between a creek and the shores of Lake Austin, in Texas, with the dream of building a home that would serve as a retreat from their busy careers in San Francisco and, someday, as a place where they...
Art in Motion: The Story Behind Mobiles
Marco Mahler | December 16, 2014 24
Most people are familiar with baby mobiles. Fewer know them as an interior decorating accessory. And even fewer know them as a fine-art form. What are mobiles? Who invented them? To start, mobiles are a type of suspended sculpture based on balance and...