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Christine Tusher
July 28, 2014
A pristine exterior paint job not only increases your home’s curb appeal; it also helps protect its trim, flashing and siding from damage from the elements. That’s why maintaining your paint is so important — letting it bubble and flake between paint jobs can end up harming your house. Fortunately, you can...
Guest Picks: Colorful Patterned Area Rugs for All Tastes
Marni Elyse Katz | July 28, 2014 2
Right now I’m down in South Florida, at the little condo my husband and I purchased almost two years ago. Yes, it’s a funny place to spend summer, but we’ll be back on the cape in August. But there’s big news down here! The flesh-tone...
My Houzz: Creative Flair Brightens a San Francisco Apartment
Camille Simmons | July 28, 2014 3
When Ana and Patrick Kamin moved to San Francisco from Hamburg, Germany, two years ago, they wasted no time personalizing their sunny top-floor apartment in a six-unit converted Victorian. They started with paint and furniture...
15 Ways to Enhance Your Cabinets With Grilles
Becky Harris | July 27, 2014 9
For those who love the idea of clear glass cabinet doors but don’t think their china, books and objects are ready for their close-ups, a grille can be the answer. The metal mesh material allows for peeks through cabinet doors, which adds depth...
10 Marvelous Ways With Mezzanines
Joanna Simmons | July 27, 2014 5
Floating between the ground and the ceiling, a mezzanine level is a bonus slice of extra space. Although mezzanines can work in any style of home, they are typically found either in very big, open properties — where the mezzanine bisects a lofty roof...
Houzz Tour: Wild Ideas in the Windy City
Mary Jo Bowling | July 27, 2014 18
This house in the heart of Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood is no less than a love letter to the Windy City, architectural history and art created by three native Midwesterners. It started with the owner, a man with an outsize personality,...
Houzz Tour: Styles and Eras Mix in a Former Stable Block
Natalie Wain | July 27, 2014 11
A lust for natural light and more space for her burgeoning antiques collection attracted designer Henriette von Stockhausen to this converted former stable block in Dorset, England. “It was built around 1730 and was converted a while ago, but it hadn’t...
How to Bring Beige Walls to Life
Laura Gaskill | July 27, 2014 24
There’s no doubt beige walls are classic; but they do have a bit of a reputation for being boring. These seven color pairing ideas should help keep your beige space as energized and full of personality as you are.
Guest Picks: Fanciful Chinoiserie for Your Outdoor Dinner Party
Daniela Shuffler | July 27, 2014 5
With summer flying by, I’m itching to host an outdoor dinner party before the warm evenings disappear. My party of choice would be one with chinoiserie flair, starring a gorgeous tabletop decked out in some of my favorite items for an evening that is...
Houzz Tour: Old-School Charm With a Contemporary Twist
Natalie Wain | July 26, 2014 30
“When the clients first approached me, the brief was to remodel and extend an existing house they’d bought,” says Martin Back of The Bazeley Partnership, speaking of a home near the town of Bude in Cornwall, England. “But it soon became clear...
12 Questions Your Interior Designer Should Ask You
Mike Dietrich | July 26, 2014 65
So, you’ve decided to redecorate. And because you know you need help, you’ve also decided to hire a decorator or an interior designer. What do you do next, other than anxiously chew your nails? Designers are almost like psychiatrists, because...
Wake Up Your Woodwork With Black
Joanna Simmons | July 26, 2014 112
Yes, it’s dark. Yes, it’s powerful. And yes, you should work some into your home. Black is having a moment — and with good reason. Used on shelving, cabinets, door frames and more, it adds contrast, frames views and brings welcome heft to any scheme....
How to Avoid Overcrowded, Overpruned Shrubs
Noelle Johnson | July 26, 2014 26
Have you driven by a landscape with flowering shrubs, crowded so closely that they have had to be pruned into round, square or even cupcake shapes? It makes you wonder if it was how the landscape was intended to look. Unfortunately, there are far too...
My Houzz: Serene Simplicity in Brooklyn
Corynne Pless | July 26, 2014 16
Sean Tice and Kristy Hadeka, cofounders of the Brooklyn Slate Company, have a knack for seeing design potential. Their 800-square-foot apartment in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn had multicolored walls...
Guest Picks: Sunshine and Sunflowers for Summer
Clarissa Nassar | July 26, 2014 10
Ahh, the sun! It’s energizing and exciting. Sunflowers give off the same vibe and bring a smile to my face. So why not add some of either or both to your home this summer? Here are a few accessories that are sure to inspire you and uplift your mood...