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Becky Harris
November 24, 2014 2
Saddled with long and stressful commutes, this husband and wife craved a master bedroom that would serve as a true retreat after long workdays. However, they were having trouble agreeing on a bedroom style for their traditional home — she loves light neutrals, while he has a penchant for brighter color and...
Great Design Plant: Annual Phacelias
Debbie Ballentine | November 24, 2014
Phacelias start their springtime display by uncoiling their curved racemes with flowers of blue, mauve, purple or lavender. As their eye-catching, bell-shaped flowers open, these annuals call pollinators for a yummy meal of nectar and pollen. The high...
Houzz Tour: A Home of a Different Color
Mary Jo Bowling | November 24, 2014 6
Designer Erin Iba and the owners of this Boulder, Colorado, home were put together by Designer Premier, an agency that pairs interior designers and architects with potential clients....
One Table, Two Holiday Settings
Rikki Snyder | November 24, 2014 5
Make setting your holiday table fun, simple and inexpensive by transforming one set of basic centerpiece items for both fall and winter feasts. The trick is to keep things natural, using fresh herbs, branches, seasonal fruits and other pretty items you...
The 15 Most Popular Kitchen Storage Ideas on Houzz
Amber Hopman | November 24, 2014 326
As the home of appliances, cookware and every specialty gadget under the sun, the kitchen is and always will be a perplexing place to organize. The never-ending accessories and endless food cans, boxes and bags easily fill up every nook and cranny, especially...
Houzz Tour: Sleek Addition With a Standout Stairway
Joanna Tovia | November 23, 2014 5
This house in the Potts Point area of Sydney, Australia, wasn’t a house at all when the current owners bought it, but a federation-style terrace house (Edwardian-era row house) that had been split into four apartments. It was run-down when...
Simple Pleasures: Stocking Up for Winter
Laura Gaskill | November 23, 2014 15
There is a certain squirrel-like pleasure in stocking up for cold weather — and potential power outages — from the regular essentials, like flashlights and warm socks, to the fun essentials, like bottles of wine and new board games. Knowing you have...
Shop Houzz: Rad Gifts for Hipsters
Houzz | November 23, 2014 1
Finding the perfect gift for a beloved hipster can be quite a challenging task. One thing is for sure — your special dude or dudette won’t go for anything mainstream. Think outside the box and go for something quirky and unique. Pieces that...
Tips for Squeezing in More Guest Beds
Laura Gaskill | November 23, 2014 10
Have the whole clan coming to stay during the holidays? If you’re wondering where on earth to put everyone, these ideas can help. From chic sleeper sofas and daybeds to trundles, bunks, hide-a-beds and air mattresses, see which of these solutions can...
Houzz Tour: A Modern Take on Southwest Style
Mary Jo Bowling | November 23, 2014 15
Several months ago all the signs led interior designer Chandler Prewitt to his hometown of Santa Fe, New Mexico. The designer had had many successful years in San Francisco, working for top designers and founding his own company. But toward the end, it...
Houzzers' Tablescapes Capture the Thanksgiving Spirit
Becky Harris | November 23, 2014 67
We put out the call, and Houzzers answered, sharing their Thanksgiving tablescape traditions and twists. Here's a smattering of what these clever table setters are up to.
Houzz Tour: Traditional Chicory Kiln Becomes a Retreat for Two
Emily Hutchinson | November 22, 2014 29
Landscape architect Charles Anderson and his wife, Tiziana Launech, scoured Australia’s Phillip Island for years in search of a traditional chicory kiln they could transform into a unique vacation home. Chicory kilns — once used for drying chicory...
Great Design Plant: Geum Triflorum
Benjamin Vogt | November 22, 2014 13
If you like troll dolls, I have a similar-looking plant for you. While prairie smoke (Geum triflorum) is nothing like a troll — it doesn’t keep asking you out when you clearly aren’t interested — ...
Exploring Architecture: Discover the Secrets of Edwardian Homes
Luisa Rollenhagen | November 22, 2014 12
As the Victorian era drew to a close with the death of Queen Victoria in 1901, the short but influential reign of King Edward VII marked the beginning of a new era in English architecture, style and society. “In the Edwardian era, everything opened...
How to Keep Your Pets Safe During the Holidays
Marianne Lipanovich | November 22, 2014 22
If you’re a pet owner, you’re probably aware of the things you need to do to keep your pets safe around your home. But as the holidays approach,...